Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ A new religion has been born

Since today there is of course a big buzz going on about the public accessibility (without invitations) of Google+. Next to that, there's a large number of "new stuff" that is all pretty cool. Still, G+ is mocked because of its ghost-town appearances.

Pure blasphemy, in my opinion. In my view, a new religion has been born.

The reason for thinking so is rather graphic and deals with marketing communications. Google has played it very clever and they sure know their marketing Bible. G+'s immanent succes should not be attributed to the product itself but to how they used their other product, the sky-high favorite search engine named Google. Have a look at it today and you'll see this ...

Notice the arrow?

Does it ring a bell? No? Some minor adaptations using the same arrow will enlighten you. 

Now scroll down and kneel ...

About 2000 years ago, another religion was born and they used a same marketing technique to attract their first brand ambassadors. Even the "+" in G+ has some familiar feeling...

Is this the reinvention of the iconized version of the shelf dangler?

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