Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warm greetings by the Apple community -- Instagram

The instagram gates are open now for Android users. Fine. To be expected. After all, it is either them or someone else who would make a cool social photo app for android. Striking, however, is the Android Instagram lurker bashing going on on Twitter these days.

Sure, there is a massive new audience of Android users following others without having posted one picture themselves. Hey, the app is new to them. Give them a break, will you? Yeah, probably they are not so much of a designer and artist as you experienced-instagrammer-therefore-apple-person is. What's the problem with that? Can you paint like Rubens or Michelangelo? I bet you can't, but probably you've visited at least one museum while admiring one of their works. So, what is the problem with you finding out you have unexperienced followers thinking your work is worth following?
Sure, you can accuse them of lurking. Maybe you even remember some of your own early-day lurking. Of course, early adopters are free to lurk whereas this is annoying if done by the early majority. What is worse is that you've bragged for months already on Twitter with your nice instagrams, instigating lurker behavior by the envious android masses.
So where does this all boil down to? For the not so critical masses (for some of you this may correspond fully with the Android community) you've added to the in-crowd we-are-so-unique perceived brand personality of Apple and its users.

Warm greetings to you all! I'm not so much of a design person myself, so I'll just fold back from the instagram hype and think about another cool concept. Maybe an all-platform app on Bourdieu's theory.

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